Usage Instructions

Use and Care of Ceramic Products:

Before using Dorsch products for the first time, it is recommended to read the ”Use & Care” guide, which is a guide on how to best maintain your cookware.

1. Heating Settings

A great feature about ceramic coating is that there is no need to turn up the heat completely while preparing food. The best results are obtained by preparing the food at a low to medium heat, do use high heat if you normally do with other materials. If the heat is switched on high, the food might burn and for this reason the product can wear out faster, losing its non-stick capability time after time.  

2. Using Fats 

We recommend using a little fat if the food does not already contain any fats.

3. LifeTime Expectancy

To achieve a longer life of ceramic pots / pans, it is recommended to avoid using metal utensils or sharp objects. By using this, there is a risk of small cuts in the coating where food and oil can get stuck. Wood, silicone and nylon tools are all materials that we recommend to use for the ceramic coating.

4. Cleaning and storage

It is recommended to let the pot / pan cool completely before washing, to avoid thermal shock. Wash by hand with warm soapy water and a soft sponge to ensure that the interior is immaculate before storage. We do not recommend putting ceramic pots / pans in the dishwasher, as discoloration of the bottom can occur due to aluminum contact with salt from the dishwasher.
When storing, we recommend that you place a protective sheet between your pots and pans to minimize wear.



It is normal for a natural deterioration / wear to occur on the pot’s / pan ceramic non-stick coating. This process is enhanced in the event that the slippery surface is exposed to high heat for an extended period, causing CO2 release from food and oil. As a precaution, the patented non-stick technology can withstand accidental overheating of up to 450 ° C for short periods. This means that no toxic substances will be released if the pot / pan inadvertently overheats. Furthermore, the coating itself will not bubble up or peel off.